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E-Commerce Website Design, SEO and Consulting

Website Design Consultation

In today’s world a solid website design that adheres to proper coding standards is as essential as the business card was 25 years ago. Often your website design is the first impression people get of you or your business. Your website and e-commerce store presents vital contact and product information for the world to find and view via search engines. It defines your business and purpose.  It gets you listed in online directories and seen by potential customers. It also offers a 24-hour point of contact for customers at a very low cost per interaction.

Your Website Design should be:

  • Inviting
  • Informative
  • Intuitive
  • Personalized
  • Affordable


Your website needs to be a place where people feel comfortable.  If it is confusing or difficult to look at, they will leave.  If your content is difficult to understand or talk above them, they will leave.  If the website as a whole looks unprofessional, they will search for one that is more professional.  I will work with you to avoid common pitfalls and to make your website design and content as engaging and comforting as possible.


The best websites educate. That is why people search the internet, they are seeking information. I will help you educate your audience by explaining your mission in a way that the layperson can understand. The more educational value you offer the longer you hold your audience’s attention.


The website has to make sense. Regardless of what is your website design goal is there are logical ways to layout the information. I will provide you with consultation to ensure your site is simple to navigate and understand.

Personalized Like You

You want your website design to stand out. Together we will work to ensure that your site sets you apart from your competition.  We will build an online presence that is both pleasing and unique to your visitors.


Many people are under the false impression that websites are expensive to establish and maintain. They can be, and often are in large corporations where the politics and old school IT governance drives up cost and complexity, but those scenarios are often unnecessary.

E-Commerce Website Design, SEO and Consulting

E-Commerce Website Design, and SEO Consulting by Rob Meier helps Gearhead Automotive Performance to be a top performer in the diesel tuning industry.

I have experience with websites large and small. I can leverage that to help you establish a platform that will suit your needs today and be scalable for tomorrow without a large capital investment. I will provide you with a content management system that is both simple to understand but also easy to augment with plugins and applications that will help you achieve your current and future objectives.

Does this sound like too much for one person to do? Maybe for others… I pride myself on getting to know my customers and their needs on a very personal level. Often large teams lose sight of what the customer objective or focus really is. Working the sales and development side of the project I know exactly what my customer wants and I am able to deliver.

So if you want a website that is welcoming, educational, organized, personalized and cost-effective, and also easy to update and scalable for the future, contact me today. I will make it happen.

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