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As connected as I usually am, I do take time to mute the phone, step away from the desk, and do something else to reset my mind. I think we all need some downtime away from the J-O-B. So to recharge the batteries I have a variety of interests, some that are more interesting than others. This page will give a you glimpse into my life away from the keyboard.



I grew up in Florida and was always outside as a kid. Despite what I do for a living I still enjoy being outdoors best.  My father introduced me to boating and water skiing as a kid, and I still enjoy those activities today with my boys. I enjoy open spaces, and to me being on the water is the greatest experience there is.

Put me on a sandbar, off an island I reached only by boat, with a football and my sons to play catch with… I am in heaven.



I love sports. Especially football, but also enjoy baseball and racing of almost any kind. I root for every Florida team or athlete, but cheer the hardest for the Gators, Buccaneers and Rays, those are my teams. I have coached youth sports and love watching kids gain personal confidence and grow as athletes.  As a participant I am always willing to participate in a game or even better, simply play catch. I do not care what kind of ball or where we are, if we can throw something back and forth, I am happy.


Cooking Meat

I love being outside and like a lot of people I eat. Living in Florida allows me to have my man-can-kitchen outside. That is not to say that it is not well equipped because it is. I enjoy cooking there when I can. There is something about the smell of food on a grill or in a smoker that is incredibly calming to me.


Gadgets and Geek Stuff

I do have a few passions that involve electronics and technology that adds convenience and security to my life. I am a huge fan of digital entertainment. As a “web savant” I enjoy imagining the posssiblities for the future. I am an early adapter of technology. My house is my workbench. I had all my music on the computer for over a decade, before Windows Media Center made it simple, and before Pandora, Spotify and Grooveshark and all of the other services made it totally unnecessary! I love the concept of clouds and accessing my stuff from anywhere on Earth. Helping others to gain ubiquitous access to their files is one of the things I do.


My Powerstroke Diesel Truck

I like my truck.  It enables me to build things, tow toys, carry supplies, get rid of junk…  When I was in college I worked a number of jobs, including as a mechanic and also in a body shop.  I have a love of vehicles and am not satisfied with stock, never have been.  So I like to modify my rides to suit my needs and desires.


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