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Rob Meier

Website Design and Marketing Services in Clearwater, Florida


Website, SEO and Marketing Services in Clearwater, Florida

Who/What is Rob Meier?

I am a Website Manager in Clearwater, Florida.  However I have experience and skills that extend way beyond that in pretty much all matters related to multi-media and technology.

In addition to creating and managing websites I have over 20 years experience working with digital media and technology.  I am an expert in desktop publishing, website design and content management.  I also have an extensive background in photography, as well as audio and video editing.  Websites using robust internet technology is where electronically generated content can come together and advance your interests when done right.   Documents originally created in desktop publishing applications can all find a home on your website along with Audio and video files, and any other Digital Assets you possess.  These files can be syndicated to other online locations that serve to augment your web presence and provide increased traffic and customer conversions.

Through innovative and creative website design, copywriting, and a strong focus on relevant content and SEO strategy customers will find your website using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

You have many people in the “internet business” to choose from when you build your website.  Many of us will tell you a lot of the same things.  Where I am different from most others is that I can do it all.  I have experience managing webservers and am on the administration side of things where the technology and nomenclature is often difficult to understand.  I can manage procurement or transfer of your domain, the set-up of dedicated or hosted servers, the creation of mailboxes and implementation of analytics so you can measure performance.  Many other designers do not have the technical expertise to complete these tasks.  I contend that even a lesser number of server admins could design a website that was appealing to look at.  Strong SEO practices often elude strong designers.  I can bring a balance to your organization.

And then there are my other areas of expertise, marketing and branding.  I can provide promotional products through my company, www.greatvaluepromos.com. Whatever your marketing needs are I can be your “go to” guy.  I can design your brand, build your website, layout your business cards and flyers, and also get you pens, hats, coffee mugs and backpacks and anything else that supports your specific initiatives.

Feel free to browse this site and get to know me better.    When you are ready, contact me to arrange a discussion about the marketing services I can provide to improve your online presence.